Recipe Makeover: Part I

I would like to make it known that a recipe doesn’t always have to have “healthy”, “light”, or “diet” in the title in order for it to fit into your diet or meal plan. A lot of recipes are healthy on their own and some can be tweaked or modified to make them fit into your plan. It takes a little practice and some analytical skills but I believe that anyone can do it.

Whenever I look for recipes, I always read the ingredient list first. Not only am I looking to see if the ingredients are affordable and tasty, but to see if I need to adjust the amounts or replace some ingredients in order to make the recipe healthier.  

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Exercise Safety tips from an Exercise Physiologist

This past weekend our support group was led by Exercise Physiologist, Krystal Gay, EP, Lip-P. She brought up some great pointers for exercising during the summer and for weight loss. We had a handful of support group participants who have successfully lost weight and started a new exercise routine that needed this refresher on how to exercise safely.

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Changes for life: making them last

The theme this month seems to be all about change. This past week at our Bariatric Surgery support group we had a guest speaker, Deborah Lindeen MA, LPC, ATR-BC, who is a licensed professional counselor and her topic was “Making Changes Less Painful.” She focused on the different stages of changes. When making changes, we go through the stages pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance.

What I have noticed from my clients is, the pre-contemplation and contemplation stages are critical stages to recognize. I usually present some of the facts about what is going on with them and help them weigh the reasons to change and the reasons not to change. If the benefits outweigh the consequences, I get a sense of the motivation from the patient to want to move into the preparation stage. Then with my help, we create a plan to get them into action.

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Changes for life: Maintaining your weight loss

You hear people say all the time, “You look great! How did you lose the weight?” When I read Shape magazine, my favorite part was the testimonies from people who lost weight along with their personal blurb about how they did it. I also really enjoy looking at the “before and after” pictures. In fact, we have a few hanging up in our office and it’s such a joy to see the happy faces after having accomplished their weight loss goals.

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