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Archive for June, 2012

Recipe Makeover: Part I

I would like to make it known that a recipe doesn’t always have to have “healthy”, “light”, or “diet” in the title in order for it to fit into your diet or meal plan. A lot of recipes are healthy on their own and some can be tweaked or modified to make them fit into your plan. It takes a little practice and some analytical skills but I believe that anyone can do it.

Whenever I look for recipes, I always read the ingredient list first. Not only am I looking to see if the ingredients are affordable and tasty, but to see if I need to adjust the amounts or replace some ingredients in order to make the recipe healthier.  

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Exercise for Weight Loss

Just as exercise is beneficial for a plethora of reasons, people tend to have their own reasons as to why they choose to exercise. Some people say they exercise so they can eat more, some enjoy doing it, some do it to prevent chronic medical conditions, and most of my clients do it to boost their weight loss.

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