Supplementing: Do you need to?

Last month, the emphasis was on setting SMART goals for life. Since then, I have observed people all around me practicing the plan they made in order to accomplish their goals. A friend of mine has lost 10#, one of my co-workers has worked hard to cut her caffeine intake in half, and a client of mine has successfully increased her protein intake and tracked her food intake daily to prove it. Those who have been successful with their goals have made their plan and routine habitual.

Along with maintaining our healthy diet, this month is all about learning what nutrients you may or may not need to supplement. A lot of my clients ask me if they need to take vitamins and supplements. The answer is not always clear cut and can change throughout a person’s stage of life. To begin with, you can always find the amount you need based on your age and sex on the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI’s). Most healthy adults who eat a balanced diet with all food groups (starches, fruit, milk, non-starchy vegetables, meat, and fats) will take in enough nutrients without having to supplement.

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