New year: Changes for life

This past week we had our first support group of the year for the Medical Weight Management Program and it was successful. After presenting on making “S.M.A.R.T.” goals, I started to talk about why and how some people truly struggle with keeping their goals. Some people know what they want to do, why they want to do it, and how they are going to do it, but they still do not accomplish their goals successfully.

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New Year: Tools and Applications

 A lot of clients ask me for recommendations on books and resources to accompany their nutrition goals and plans. Therefore, I am constantly reading about and searching for the best resources out there. I must say I am not a “certified reviewer” by any means, but I do have an opinion as a Registered Dietitian. I like to help steer people in the right direction.

Some of the things that I am cautious about when reviewing or using a source is making sure that it provide scientifically proven information. Reliable information comes from a credible source (such as a Registered Dietitian or M.S. /PhD in Nutrition), and does not push you to purchase their product.

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New Year: Eating healthy to lose weight

This month is all about setting goals for the New Year. Last week, the topic was on how to make appropriate New Years Goals. When teaching someone to make goals, I always utilize the acronym SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, reasonable, and track-able)!  For those of you who have already made your goals, but just realized they are lacking some of the SMART components and need some refinement, review last week’s post. If you haven’t made goals yet, maybe you need a little reminder of healthy eating to get you thinking about what changes to make.

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New Year; New You!

It’s a sad time when the Holiday’s come to an end because for most people this means going back to work and school. It can also be an exciting time though, as we start to plan and get organized for the New Year. Last month was all about maintaining or losing weight during the Holidays and celebrating the accomplishments made in 2011. Now, it’s time to keep improving our diet and lifestyles so that you can be a better you.

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