Holiday Eating and Staying Active!

How many of you got your fare share of stuffing, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie this past Thursday? Surprisingly, I didn’t. Half way through the Dinner, my family went around the table and each discussed what we’re thankful for. By the time we were done, I realized I was so focused on them and what they had to say that I ate less and was satisfied with my one helping.

Regardless of whether or not you were able to have self control on Thanksgiving this year, you still have time to accomplish your Holiday weight loss or maintenance goals. As discussed in the past few posts, it is important to plan ahead, choose the correct foods while at dinner parties, as well as work on de-stressing in order to enjoy food in moderation and eat mindfully. Along with eating healthy, exercise should be a component to compliment your overall life changes.

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Holiday Eating: Finding a balance

The thanksgiving spirit was definitely in the air this past weekend at my local Grocery store as everyone was shopping to prepare for their cooking marathon. I saw tons of baskets overflowing with huge turkeys, potatoes, cranberries, green beans, stuffing, and gravy mixes. I could almost smell the aroma and taste of the succulent Turkey Dinner. 

This whole month is all about how to eat healthy during the Holiday season and prevent weight gain or even lose weight.  One of the important ways to prevent overeating is not exactly knowing what to eat or how to cook healthy foods, but de-stressing and taking the time to enjoy food.

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Holiday Eating: Choosing the healthy plate

Let’s face it; the Holidays are a difficult time for those on a weight loss journey. There are numerous parties and large family gatherings with enticing foods that can hinder your weight loss goals. Therefore, I want to challenge you to stick to your goals and prevent weight gain and maybe even promote weight loss during those tough Holiday months. I have created a Handout for you to fill out your goal and plans, along with some tips to get you through the holidays. I suggest you place it on your fridge as a reminder all through the holidays. Use this along with the weekly posts as a guide to help you persevere.

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Holiday Eating: Plan ahead!

Now is the time when everyone is getting out their calendars and planning out where they’re are going to have Thanksgiving dinner and whom they are going to spend Christmas with.  In addition to that, I’m sure everyone is also starting to receive their Holiday party invitations and trying to figure out how many parties they are going to squeeze in this year.

With the Holidays coming up, the focus this month is going to be on how to maintain/lose weight instead of gaining weight like the average American does. Wouldn’t it be great if January 2012 comes around and you don’t have to worry about losing the weight?

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