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Archive for June, 2011

Fitness Challenge

I’m sure everyone is well aware that exercising is important. Now that Summer is here, make time to get into a routine and stick with it. Remember, it takes about a month of doing something consistently until it becomes a habit. I challenge you to start an exercise routine for at least 30 days. I guarantee you, at the end of 30 days, you will start to want to exercise and miss it when you don’t!

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How to “snack”

Snacking can be crucial to a healthy diet. Many of my clients are concerned when I tell them to add snacks into their meal plan because they are afraid of the extra calories. The truth is, snacking healthfully can actually help you succeed in your weight loss goals. Here are some guidelines to help you snack better.

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What’s your Diet Style?

Just as we all have different personalities and backgrounds, we all have different triggers and environments that shape our eating patterns. When making changes in diet and lifestyle, knowing how you currently diet may be just what you need to make the next step toward achieving your weight loss goals. The definitions below may help you to evaluate what kind of eater you think you are and how to overcome the pitfalls.

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Swimsuit Season

Summer = Swimsuit season, AKA Time to get outside and show off your swim suit body! Are you looking for ways to shed weight for the Summer? Before you start thinking about which new diet you’re going to attempt, consider the following red flags.

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